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TrueSolace answers the need for effective, affordable, and streamlined bereavement care. Designed for the unique needs of AATB tissue banks, TrueSolace combines expertly crafted resources on grief and loss with an advanced digital messaging technologies to foster meaningful connections with donor families. 


What TrueSolace offers your families?

TrueSolace delivers expertly crafted resources on grief and loss directly to the families you serve. Every users receives a personalized and adaptable profile where they can browse resources and work through their grief experience with our narrative therapy tool. TrueSolace also gives you the ability to communicate with families in an unprecedented way. Track their progress on the platform and send meaningful and personalized messages to support them. Promote program events through email, SMS messages, and in-app notifications. Engaging with the families you serve through a multi touch bereavement and communications platform like TrueSolace is proven to increase engagement and satisfaction.


Why should you use it?

TrueSolace makes offering personalized and adaptable bereavement care simple and affordable. By combining a family relationship management system with online bereavement care TrueSolace enables you to increase your families satisfaction and track the effect it can have on your organization. Use TrueSolace to centralize your family data, offer personalized care, and effectively message your families. 



Our Families

We believe sadness isn't bad. Grief is normal and universal and grief isn't something you can heal. It is not a sickness. It is an experience.

TrueSolace provides an area to get feelings and emotions out in the open so to speak. "

TrueSolace feels personal. I can use it from the comfort of my own home, and it's always available if I need support.

I used to think that grief came in stages. Now I know that what I'm feeling is completely normal and healthy..